Pest Spotlight: Powderpost Beetles In Suffolk County

powderpost beetle

Pest Spotlight: Powderpost Beetles In Suffolk County

powderpost beetle

The Powderpost Beetle is a tiny, round-bodied insect that can wreak havoc on your home. There are nearly 70 species of this destructive pest, and the damage that each can do varies based on the type of beetles and the type of wood infested. You may need to act fast and prevent your house from being overrun by engagingSuffolk County pest control experts. 

What Is The Lifecycle Of The Powderpost Beetle?

The lifecycle of the powderpost beetle is graduated into four stages: eggs, larvae, pupae, and adult beetles. 

  • Eggs: After mating, females lay their eggs in unfinished wood or wood with cracks and crevices. Eggs are laid from April to August, with the most eggs being laid in June and July.

  • Larvae: The worm-like parasites burrow deeper into the wood, where they eat their way through it for two to five years. They primarily eat starch in the sapwood and heartwood of hardwoods. The length of the larvae stage depends on moisture, temperature conditions, and food availability.

  • Pupa: The pupae are usually immobile and enclosed in a cocoon made of silk spun by the larvae before pupation. There’s no growth at this stage. Some species only spend a few weeks, while others may take years before hatching into mature adults. 

  • Adult: The imago beetles emerge from the wood with a relatively short lifespan of two years. The females can start laying eggs within a few months to restart the lifecycle. 

The larvae stage is the most destructive, silently eating through your hardwood floors and dining set. You may find traces of the damage from the powder-like droppings from the holes burrowed by the adult and larvae. If you suspect a beetle infestation, call professional pest control services immediately. 

Powderpost Beetles In Hardwood Flooring: Avoiding Damages

Powderpost beetles prefer to infest porous woods such as oak, ash, hickory, walnut, and chestnut. Hardwood floors or furniture made from these types of wood can suffer extensive damage. Here are a few tips for minimizing the damage:

  • Inspect the wood for any infestation before installation

  • Sealing and applying varnish can cover holes that the adults lay in

  • Refrain from using lumber from another location

  • Keep the wood moisture below 13% within your home

  • Increase ventilation in your crawlspace to lower the moisture levels below the floorboards

Powderpost beetles infestation can damage your hardwood pieces extensively. A pest control company can help establish preventative measures to eliminate beetles on your Suffolk County property. 

Preventing And Controlling Powderpost Beetles

Eradicating beetles within your home may require a quick reaction to prevent further damage. Here are ways you can control the powderpost beetle population. 

  1. Use Borate Powders To Treat The Wood

Treat your hardwood floor with boric acid to kill the larvae by destroying their digestive systems. The natural pest killer also discourages adult features from laying eggs on your flooring or furniture. 

2. Fumigation

You can organize a spot treatment or whole house fumigation of your property. Heat treatments at temperatures above 126 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 24 hours can be effective. Chemical fumigants are also an option. 

3. Moisture Control 

Powderpost beetles require moisture levels above 16% to infest the wood. Drying out the wood can help destroy the bugs' larvae and eggs. 

Total Powderpost Beetle Control Services In Suffolk County

The best way to eliminate a powderpost beetle infestation in your home is to hire professional exterminators. At A&M Quality Pest Control, our experts can inspect your wooden structures to identify the specific species and recommend the best treatment option. 

Our team will also develop preventative measures to prevent the bugs from coming back, solving beetle problems for good. Contact us today to learn more about our powderpost beetle control services in Suffolk Country.