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Are The Mosquitoes In Long Island Easy To Kill?

July 15, 2022 - Mosquitoes


Long Island, New York, is the largest island that touches the United States and extends out into the Atlantic Ocean. It tends to be hot and humid in the summer. Known as one of America's most densely populated islands, you will run into people everywhere. Another dense population Long Island residents often run into is mosquitoes. These hardy insects may ruin your summer fun unless you have excellent pest control in Long Island.

Mosquitoes In Long Island: What You Should Know

If there was ever a local pest that irritates people the most, it has to be the mosquito. They siphon blood, leave an itch that drives people crazy, and can affect our health. Mosquitoes in New York are a force of nature.

Four facts residents should be aware of when developing a plan of attack:

  1. Mosquitoes have small, slender bodies (1/8 to 3/8 inches long).

  2. Often grey/black; some have white, green, blue, and silver scales.

  3. Males seek nectar; females seek blood.

  4. Mosquitoes have six legs, antennae, and a pair of wings.

Female mosquitoes need blood to lay their eggs. Eggs get laid in anything that acts as a container (very little water is required). Once mosquitoes mature, the next generation of mosquitoes is ready to seek their food sources. Since female mosquitoes can transmit diseases when they puncture the skin of their victims, they can make people very sick.

Several diseases transmitted by mosquitoes include the following:

  • Encephalitis

  • West Nile virus

  • Dengue

  • Chikungunya

With the mosquito's ability to set up a breeding ground in any standing water source, the dangers to your health could be just around the corner. The best way to keep mosquitoes away is by setting up some natural deterrents in your backyards to repel mosquitoes.

Three Natural Ways To Repel Mosquitoes

Warmth and humidity are two natural attractions for mosquitoes. While you can't prevent the climate, residents of Long Island can take some preventative steps to manage invading mosquitoes.

Three natural ways to keep mosquitoes away include:

  1. Eliminate anything from your yard that can hold standing water.

  2. Keep gutters and drains free from blockage.

  3. Sweep up leaf litter. (Yes, mosquitoes can lay eggs in water held by upturned leaves.)

You may think that you've checked all the mosquito-prevention hot spots around your yard, but mosquito control is tricky. Without complete mosquito solutions offered by A&M Quality Pest Control, you may find your backyard is still full of mosquitoes.

FAQ: Spraying For Mosquitoes In Long Island

When you partner with A&M Quality Pest Control, you get the best available mosquito solutions in the Long Island area. We provide mosquito control solutions to residential and business properties, including spraying.

Facts about spraying for Long Island properties include:

  • Inspections are needed to identify potential mosquito problem spots

  • Multiple options for treatments are available (including event, bi-monthly, monthly, and seasonal treatments

  • Technicians will target daylight resting areas

  • Technicians will target breeding areas (standing water sites)

At A&M Quality Pest Control, we want your backyard activities to be enjoyable. With treatments that target where mosquitoes live and breed, our company can help make your summer memories memorable – in a good way.

Control Mosquitoes The Easy Way With A&M Quality Pest Control

If you are looking for a family-owned and operated company with over ten years of experience, look no further than A&M Quality Pest Control. We offer quality home pest control solutions at an affordable price. For more information about getting rid of mosquitoes, call A&M Quality Pest Control today.