What To Do If You Spot Voles On Your Suffolk County Property


What To Do If You Spot Voles On Your Suffolk County Property


Suffolk County is on Long Island, the easternmost county in New York. Whether your property sits on the sound or oceanside, the view is sure to be stunning. However, one pest in Suffolk County that can detract from the beautiful surroundings is the local vole population. Without pest control in Suffolk County, voles may leave properties looking unsightly.

How To Identify Voles

Two species of voles (meadow and pine) enjoy living in the State of New York, but the meadow vole is a ground-dwelling rodent particularly fond of Long Island. While voles are small rodents, their physical characteristics and the problems they bring to local properties are uniquely different from other rodents.

Distinguishing characteristics of voles include the following:

  • They have chunky, beefy bodies and large, round heads.

  • They typically measure from 5 to 7 inches long and have short legs.

  • Their tails are hairy and short.

  • They have small black eyes, furred ears, and blunt noses.

  • Adults have a mixture of chestnut-brown and black hairs.

  • Their underbellies are dark gray.

When Suffolk County pests invade properties, verifying which species are visiting is essential. Since voles are often misidentified, it's good to have a pest professional like A&M Quality Pest Control in your neighborhood who can quickly and correctly identify if you've got voles and help you with vole pest control.

The Problems Voles On Your Property Can Create

Voles are a "force of nature" regarding lawn and property destruction. Vole's like to establish themselves in areas with abundant weeds and grasses (heavy ground cover). They often create homes within lawns, gardens, and nurseries. They stay active year-round, and many are social, so they often visit in large groups. They destroy lawns with extensive tunneling and surface runways that connect to abundant burrows where multiple voles live. Their tunneling activities can create "spider-like veins" throughout lawns interspersed with dirt mounds which act as escape hatches for voles. Their destructive behavior results in properties appearing ravaged and unappealing. In addition to lawn destruction, voles sometimes gnaw on seedlings and tree bark, resulting in damaged trees (girdling) and shrubs. Voles also have hearty appetites and consume grasses, crops, vegetables, flowers, and fruits. While voles might be essential to the ecosystem, they only bring headaches for property owners, so it's always best to call in the pest professionals at A&M Quality Pest Control for home pest control services in Suffolk County.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Voles

The only way to truly get rid of voles is by eliminating what attracts them to your property. Since voles thrive on the stems and roots of grasses, keeping weeds to a minimum with regular mowing helps deter them. Keeping grasses cut down to 3 to 6 inches can reduce food sources and stop voles from using grasses as ground cover for their activities; it also helps predators see voles and aids in natural vole control. Property owners can protect trees and shrubs by removing mulch from tree bases and replacing it with crushed stone (3 to 4 inches deep). Cylinder wire guards (18 to 24 inches high) can aid in protecting small shrubs and trees; they need to be buried in the ground at least 4 to 6 inches deep to stop burrowing voles from getting to the plant base. Removing decaying vegetation and leaf litter from the bottom of trees and shrubs also eliminates cover for voles. While establishing some property modifications helps deter voles, nothing is a guarantee when it comes to these tenacious critters. When voles find sanctuary on properties, A&M Quality Pest Control can help control voles.

Contact The Professionals For Total Vole Control On Your Property

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