Flea Control Made Simple For Long Island Residents


Flea Control Made Simple For Long Island Residents


Are you aware that fleas like to bite humans? To be honest, these little bugs will steal blood from pretty much anywhere they can get it. This is a problem. What is even more of a problem is these pests’ propensity to invade homes here in Long Island. If you are not careful, you could find yourself dealing with a concerning amount of fleas inside your home.

To get rid of these pests fast, talk with our team at A&M Quality Pest Control about our flea removal in Long Island. Find out how our professionals handle these and other local pests and schedule an appointment for your home. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about the fleas in Long Island and find out why these invasive insects are so hard to control. 

How To Identify A Flea Infestation

Fleas are one of the easier pests to identify here in Long Island. They are especially easy to identify if you have pets. If your furry friends are excessively biting or scratching, check their fur for fleas, flea dirt, and flea eggs. These three things are fairly easy to spot with a flashlight and a comb.

If you don’t have pets, use other signs to identify these pests, like bite marks on your body or the signs mentioned above, but in your carpet or other areas that mimic fur. If you would like help identifying fleas inside your home, let our team pay you a visit for a quick inspection. 

How Fleas Can Be Dangerous If Left Untreated

When are fleas in Long Island a problem? We would argue that these pests become problematic the moment they enter homes.

If you didn’t know, fleas carry disease. They spread sickness to humans and animals with their bites. Although fleas prefer to feed on animals, they will bite humans as well. In fact, these pests were the main spreaders of the bubonic plague, also known as black death. They still spread the plague today, as well as other diseases like murine typhus. The best way to stay safe is to avoid these pests, well, like the plague. We will talk more in a bit about the best way to deal with a flea infestation in Long Island.

Why It's So Hard To Get Rid Of Flea Infestation On Your Own

There are many reasons why experts consider fleas to be difficult pests to control. Here are just a few of these reasons.

  • Fleas can hide deep inside homes, using cracks and gaps to avoid detection and danger.

  • Fleas reproduce rapidly, which makes eliminating all of them difficult.

  • Fleas live on pets. Even if you treat your home, they might still live on your furry friends.

  • Fleas can also get onto your property due to wild animals.

Keeping all of this in mind, if you need help dealing with a flea infestation, talk with our professional home pest control team at A&M Quality Pest Control about our comprehensive treatments.

Contact The Professionals At The First Sign Of Fleas In Your Home

Our goal at A&M Quality Pest Control is to help as many locals as possible with their pest problems. If you are dealing with fleas inside your home, don’t let them stay for long. Bring in our team to deal with these terrible little insects.

We will inspect your living areas, identify the severity of your infestation, and utilize quick and effective treatments to give these bugs the boot. We will then implement long-lasting control methods to ensure these pests cannot gain access to your living areas again. Contact A&M Quality Pest Control to learn more about flea control in Long Island and find a service time that works for you.