The Benefits Of Professional Pest Control For Your Long Island Home


The Benefits Of Professional Pest Control For Your Long Island Home

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How often do you deal with pests in your Long Island home? Do you only have trouble with the occasional ant, or are you noticing problems indoors daily? If pest problems are a normal occurrence, what you need is professional Long Island pest control. The pest control company you choose is important. Here are some things you should know about the pest control services in your area and some reasons to choose A&M Quality Pest Control as your local pest control provider.

Is There Any DIY Pest Control That Works?

There are two different types of pest control, reactive and preventative. Preventative pest control is possible through DIY methods with a fair amount of effort and knowledge. It usually involves things like sealing gaps and cracks, general clean-up, clutter reduction, proper food storage and trash disposal, moisture management, and attractant removal. Reactive pest control is not something you should attempt without professional help for many reasons, including the danger it poses and how difficult it is to do right. Homeowners that attempt reactive pest control to address pest problems in their home often waste a lot of money before finally caving and calling in a professional anyways.

Why Pest Control For Your Home Is An Ongoing Task

It is not uncommon for homeowners to try to tackle pest control on their own. One big downside to this is the amount of effort it requires. DIY prevention involves a lot of upfront work. You have to thoroughly inspect your home's exterior top to bottom, looking for cracks, gaps, or other ways pests might get inside. You next have to address these issues by filling in entry points, fixing torn window and door screens, and replacing damaged weatherstripping and door sweeps; these chores are only step one.

Step two involves trimming your grass regularly, removing clutter from your yard, and keeping a five-foot clear zone around your home's perimeter. For step three, you have to clean your home regularly and do your absolute best to keep clutter to a minimum. After these, the steps you must complete include things like moisture control, food storage, proper trash disposal, and web removal. The kicker is that if you don't perform each of these steps properly, you might still end up dealing with pests indoors.

The Dangers & Damage A Pest Infestation Can Create

It is easy to think that pests are not a big deal. Besides, how many problems can a few bugs cause? A lot, actually. Many insects either bite, sting, or spread harmful diseases. Some pests drink blood and spread diseases through their bites. Others spread diseases off their bodies and through their fecal droppings. Pests like wasps and bees will attack humans if they get close to their nests. On top of this, some pests in our area are destructive. Termites eat wood, rats chew holes through walls, and silverfish damage fabrics. We could easily fill a book with all of the problems pests might cause inside your home.

Contact The Pros For The Best Pest Control For Your Home

If you are looking for effective and affordable pest control in our Long Island service area, you are in the right place. A&M Quality Pest Control is a locally owned and family-operated pest control provider passionate about protecting our community. When we service homes, we treat them like we would our own. If you are looking for personalized pest control to keep your Long Island home protected year-round, we are your choice for the job.

Contact us now to learn more about our expert residential services and dependable commercial pest control options, and schedule your Long Island home for a visit.